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Software Testing Best Practices: 11 Ways to Improve Testing Process

Manual tests should preferably be carried out by extremely competent and professional testers who match a variety of end-user profiles and have knowledge of a variety of devices and operating systems. You need to motivate your development team to build automatic unit tests so that they can evaluate the quality of their code and correct any issues before sending it to QAs to perform testing. Once you have sent the request, the QA team will start with smoke testing. In this QA  process, they may either confirm that the code is ready to test or return it to the developers for retesting. Here are some of the types of bugs QA teams encounter when they start with a strict quality assurance process. This approach helps the QA teams to get insights into user-behaviors and uncover potential issues.

What takes place in the next development or design cycle will be determined by the results of this phase. Performance testing QA teams perform functional and non-functional tests to ensure that the product complies with an SRS document and then they optimize further development and testing processes. Agile is a QA and software development methodology that’s focused on maintaining a flexible process rather than separating it into defined stages. The team can return to previous tasks at any time if that provides better product quality.

Create Separate Teams for Testing Security and Performance:

Since Agile doesn’t impose strict time limits, it’s easy to get stuck on a single stage. Having clear acceptance criteria helps QA engineers avoid unnecessary perfectionism and balance between quality and cost-efficiency. For instance, a QA expert might spot that a framework, chosen by a development team, will make it difficult to uphold certain performance requirements. If quality assurance experts catch these issues early on, the number of bugs and fixes lowers significantly. At this stage, the role of a QA team includes overseeing the development process, detecting architectural issues, and fundamental problems with the development approach. Although QA experts don’t participate in design directly, they are constantly kept in the loop.

Best Practices In QA Testing

This approach is applied at earlier stages of the development process. Firstly, it is much cheaper to find and eliminate bugs at the beginning than at the final stages of the SDLC or at the production phase. Thus, researchers from IBM calculated that fixing a bug after the product release costs 4 to 5 times more than eliminating it during the QA process. software development quality assurance Secondly, the quality of the software will be higher if the QA team identifies and removes errors during the development process. Test-driven development (TDD) is a software development process in which tests are written before any implementation of the code. TDD has a test-first approach based on the repetition of a very short development cycle.

QA Best Practices These 14 Tech Leaders Swear By

Bamboo, Hudson, and Cruise Control are open source tools that allow for introduction of continuous integration in your environment. Anyone who’s wondering whether quality assurance (QA) is still important when it comes to software development and testing needs only look at recent security breaches and research. As more people work from home, the likelihood of cyber-attacks increases. Software development QA and testing ensure that the root causes of these and other types of vulnerabilities are flushed out before they reach production.

If you still wonder how to improve software testing, make sure your quality objectives are measurable, documented, reviewed, and tracked. The best advice is to choose metrics which are simple and effective for your workflow. So, exploratory testing is a process of investigating a product with no predetermined test cases to examine how this product actually works. To uncover bugs, it demands experience, intuition, and imagination from testers. Exploratory testing is conducted on the fly, with a test being designed and executed immediately.

QA Testing Best Practices

It is important to continuously groom the test suite and make sure test cases add value. We run smoke tests with every commit and deploy so we can quickly find high-risk issues. Project requirements can shift quickly, which can lead to confusion across teams. CCC’s Director of QA Erika Hayden said no QA practice is more important than the other. Working closely with product development, testing quickly and identifying performance issues early are a few strategies that Hayden said have contributed to their success. Built In recently caught up with 14 leaders to dig deeper into their respective QA processes and how it helps them create a better product for their customers.

Best Practices In QA Testing

Hence they could ignore some of the bugs they find or deliberately do a lousy job testing. Among the best practices for software testing is generating reports. The main reason why you need to generate reports is to know whether the tests are successful. Apart from the software developers and software test teams, even the stakeholders will use these test reports to verify the status of the application. Creating a proper test plan helps the software teams communicate quickly. It will include all the procedures used for software testing purposes.

Unit testing vs integration testing

If a regression appears (i.e., something worked before but doesn’t anymore), then it’s likely to reappear. Create an automated test to protect against that regression in the future. First, run quick sanity checks on each commit to the source code in order to quickly validate changes. This way, you can provide immediate feedback to developers while they are still focused on that portion of the code. Net Solutions is a strategic design & build consultancy that unites creative design thinking with agile software development under one expert roof.

  • If you want to achieve high-level quality goals, you need to build trusting relationships between a QA team and developers with respect for each other.
  • This allows the whole team to collaborate and adjust together as requirements change.
  • In the software quality assurance program, the team members will initially check manually if there are any bugs or not.
  • Each group brings its own perspective on quality and the criteria for change and release, and testing activities are aligned and negotiated as necessary.
  • Internally, we deploy continuously to staging, which helps to identify classes of bugs quickly and encourages a more iterative QA process.
  • Consider other methods for obtaining meaningful and immediate feedback from the end-user’s perspective.

Technology and design company Work & Co defines and launches digital experiences that transform companies all over the world. At the company, writing test cases is one of their most important QA practices. QA Manager Bedford West said this role has reinforced the importance of communication on his team. At Bread Financial, a rapidly-growing e-commerce company, documentation, in addition to communication, are key during the QA process. Both allow for each team member to have access to the data in order to understand its purpose, scope and edge cases, said Christina Kung, director of engineering.

Give business training to your QA team

With these processes, we can efficiently execute tests, fastly give feedback, and ultimately, improve the software quality. Whether you’re building a web application, downloadable software, or an API, high quality and speed should be key objectives. Your QA testing process is a process you will have to regularly review for efficiency as you move through the different cycles of your project. You will need to create a framework for reviewing and using the data generated during the short testing phases. It’s not enough to simply undergo functional testing – you need to incorporate feedback into the design and development process as early as possible.

Best Practices In QA Testing

Uncover the issues they run into when using the software and the features they would like to see added. That will help the team conduct testing from the end-user perspective, and that’s what counts most. When it comes time to test in production, create test accounts in your production systems so you can simulate end-user experiences. Other important components include non-functional testing on application stress, performance, and user acceptance. High-performing software test teams also implement automation strategies and rely on multiple test-management systems. Those that excel cover most all of the code across their automated regression testing suites.