Terms and conditions

  1. Before using the online store e-led.lv of SIA “CREA CONTRAST” (Registration no.: 40203135578, VAT payer no .: LV40203135578, address: Klijānu iela 21, Rīga, LV-1001), please read these terms and conditions carefully ( hereinafter referred to as the Terms).
  2. The online store e-led.lv (hereinafter – the Online Store) means the website created by SIA “CREA CONTRAST”, the Internet address of which is e-led.lv, with all the information and materials contained therein.
  3. By visiting the Online Store or using the information about the provision of goods and services placed therein, you agree to these Terms.
  4. We would like to inform you that the purpose of processing the information entered in the Online Store (including the data of natural and legal persons) is to provide the services indicated therein and to provide assistance during the use of the Online Store. This processing is in accordance with the Online Store Privacy Policy.
  5. SIA “CREA CONTRAST” has the right to unilaterally change the content and Terms of the Online Store at any time. Such changes take effect after their publication in the Online Store.
  6. In the event that any of the clauses specified in these Terms and Conditions becomes invalid, it shall not affect the other clauses of the Terms and Conditions.
  7. From the moment you start using the Online Store or perform any activities in it, it will be assumed that you have read and comply with the Terms in force at the time of use. It is the responsibility of each online store user to regularly review the Terms of Service to keep up to date with any changes. If you do not agree with the terms, the use of the Online Store is prohibited.
  8. SIA “CREA CONTRAST” has the right at any time to change the prices indicated by the Online Store and / or create new paid services at its own expense.
  9. In order to become a registered user of the Online Store, the registration procedure specified by the Online Store must be followed. By registering, the user of the online store agrees Privacy Policy .
  10. Each registered user of the Online Store is obliged not to disclose their access data to other persons. If the registered user profile is performed in the Online Store (incl. Goods and / or services are purchased) using the correct username and password, then it is considered that the activities in the respective profile have been performed by the registered user himself.
  11. The online store registrar user agrees to receive information from the online store about various news.
  12. In case of any doubts about filling in the forms placed in the Online Store, please contact the Online Store by calling (+371) 27726377 or writing an e-mail to info@e-led.lv
  13. You must always comply with the Online Store Terms.
  14. Do not misuse the information posted in the online store. You may use the services offered in the Online Store only in accordance with these Terms and the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.
  15. The images of the goods provided in the online store are illustrative. SIA “CREA CONTRAST” cannot guarantee that the screen of the user’s device will accurately reflect the colors of the goods. The user understands that the goods may differ significantly from their images, and that the packaging of the goods may also differ from what is shown in the images provided in the Online Store.
  16. SIA “CREA CONTRAST” is not responsible for any expenses and losses incurred during the use of the Online Store.
  17. SIA “CREA CONTRAST” on the one hand and the user who places the order (hereinafter – the Buyer), on the other hand, enter into a distance contract (hereinafter – the Agreement): SIA “CREA CONTRAST” undertakes to sell and deliver goods to the person specified by the Buyer (hereinafter – the Recipient). ), according to the Buyer’s order.
  18. By agreeing to these Terms, the Buyer confirms that he has the legal right to purchase goods in the Online Store. You can buy goods in the Online Store:
    1. natural persons who have reached the age of majority in their country;
    1. legal entities.
  19. By concluding the Agreement, the Buyer agrees that an advance invoice and a bill of lading with purchase information will be sent to the specified e-mail address during the purchase, which are prepared electronically and are valid without a signature.
  20. The Buyer can pay for the goods by online payment via the Internet bank ( Bank Link ).
  21. The agreement between the Buyer and SIA “CREA CONTRAST” shall be deemed concluded starting from the moment when the Buyer pays for the order.
    1. When making an online payment (Bank Link) , the order is considered paid when the order amount has been received in the bank account of SIA “CREA CONTRAST”.
  22. After completing and refunding the order, the Online Store will send the purchase information and a confirmation document – a bill of lading – confirming that the goods were ordered to the specified e-mail address.
  23. The person responsible for completing the order and compiling the shipping document is indicated on the document confirming the purchase. The buyer agrees that the presence of the name of the responsible person indicated on the document is equivalent to the signature of that person.
  24. The buyer can request the Online Store to make changes to the registered order, which is incomplete by contacting the Online Store – info@e-led.lv or by phone (+371) 27726377. The online store will fulfill the Buyer’s request if possible.
  25. SIA “CREA CONTRAST”, finding errors and / or inaccuracies in the prices or descriptions of goods in the Online Store, has the right to unilaterally cancel the Agreement by informing the Buyer in writing (by e-mail) and canceling the order. If the buyer still wants to buy the product whose order was canceled, the product must be re- ordered .
  26. Exceptionally, SIA “CREA CONTRAST” has the right to cancel the Agreement in the following cases:
    1. if the Terms of Use of the Online Store are violated during the order;
    1. if the Agreement has been entered into with abuse, deception or coercion of the other party;
    1. due to lack of ordered goods;
    1. due to excessive damage suffered by one or the other party;
    1. in other cases provided for in the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.
  27. The fact that the Buyer has received the goods is confirmed by:
    1. Recipient’s signature on the bill of lading, CMR or on the courier / order issuer’s electronic terminal – upon receipt of the ordered product with standard delivery.
    1. Entering the buyer’s manual code to remove the product order upon receipt of the ordered product at DPD Paku Skapī.
  28. Claims that the order has not been delivered after the receipt of the order has been confirmed by one of the methods described in item 29 shall not be accepted.
  29. Notwithstanding the obligations provided for in other clauses of these Terms, the Buyer undertakes to inspect the product and make sure that the received product corresponds to the ordered one before starting to use the product (including before assembling it, assembling, etc.).
  30. SIA “CREA CONTRAST” will not be liable for non-performance or delay in performance of the Agreement or any obligations under the Agreement, if such non-performance or delay occurred in connection with events beyond the control of the Online Store, as defined in Article 30.1. point.
    1. An event beyond the control of the Online Store means any action or event that SIA “CREA CONTRAST” cannot reasonably control (force majeure).
    1. In the event of an event beyond the control of the Online Store that affects the proper fulfillment of the obligations of SIA “CREA CONTRAST”, in accordance with the Agreement:
      1. The Online Store will immediately inform the Buyer in writing (by e-mail);
      1. The fulfillment of the obligations of SIA “CREA CONTRAST” arising from the Agreement will be suspended and the term of fulfillment of the obligations will be extended by the term equal to the duration of the event outside the control of the Online Store.
  31. Use of the Online Store does not grant any ownership rights to the content available in the Online Store. It is forbidden to use the content of the information posted in the Online Store, unless the owner of this content has permission or other permission in accordance with the law. These Terms do not grant the right to use any brand or logo included in the Online Store.
  32. All intellectual property rights in relation to the Online Store belong exclusively to SIA “CREA CONTRAST”. In case of violation of these rights, the guilty person shall be held liable in accordance with the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia, as well as shall be fully liable for all losses that are or may be caused to SIA “CREA CONTRAST” and / or third parties.
  33. The Buyer is obliged to comply with the requirements specified in the Regulations and regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.
  34. Any disputes arising from these Terms and / or from the Agreement concluded using the Online Store will be considered in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.
  35. Information on how to contact SIA “CREA CONTRAST” is available in the Contacts section of the Online Store
  36. By ordering the goods, the Buyer confirms that he has read and agrees to the Terms of Delivery
  37. By ordering the goods, the Buyer confirms that he has read and agrees to the right of withdrawal
  38. By ordering the product, the Buyer confirms that he has read and agrees to the Privacy Policy