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And that means you need to go beyond looking at their technical skills and dig deeper into what drives them. It is about evaluating whether a candidate’s attitude and skills are aligned with the culture you’re trying to build – so they will be able to pull their weight and do the job well. The need for deep technical knowledge is what separates a front-end developer from a full-stack one, which again differentiates an enterprise-level programmer from average. You may soon be competing with other companies and agencies to attract the best technical talent. Online events have the potential to draw a more massive audience and reach out to international tech talent. The next thing to wrap your mind around is finding out what could make tech talent mark a position as compelling in a split of a second.

The responsibilities of a technical recruiter differ greatly depending on several factors. These include the size of an organization, the specialization of the open roles, and the resources available for managing the process and technically assessing the candidate. This blog post will show you how to become a technical recruiter with the first steps highlighted below. According to the Harris Allied 2014 Tech Hiring and Retention Survey finding and hiring top tech talent is the biggest concern for hiring managers—closely followed by retaining talent. Therefore, retention should be high on the list of priorities for recruiters and talent acquisition (TA) teams.

Do I need a technical recruiting cheat sheet?

It’s a risk that simply isn’t worth taking, so educating yourself on the specific labor laws relevant to your state is essential. Whether in person at conferences or online via social media, you may find that being in the right circles leads to the right connections. What developer candidates need to know about the Karat interview. If you want to hire the crème de la crème of the developer talent out there, you have to look for a well-rounded candidate. If developers recognize your brand they are quick to respond to you and your company’s updates.

Technical Recruiters can work in-house as a direct employee of a company within the technical niche. Another option is to work for a Recruiting firm that specializes in Technical Recruiting. The final option for a Technical Recruiter is to work as a self-employed entrepreneur.

Finding Tech Talent

Tech specialists from Eastern and Southern Europe are superbly qualified. They have all-around virtuosity and consistently keep up with the latest trends. Balkans peninsula is a phenomenal area for building a remote development team. Even though the stats don’t seem promising for the tech companies’ future, there is some great news about recruiting tech talent.

  • The modern tech recruiter recognizes true tech talent and prioritizes putting the right people in the right place regardless of their gender or ethnicity.
  • And in the UK, 70% of the tech industry is experiencing a shortage of industry-specific skills.
  • The more you align your recruitment with their needs, the more likely you’ll be to find the right person for the technical roles they need to fill.
  • Forbes Technology Council offer firsthand insights on tech & business.
  • In our technical recruiting for dummies guide, we have tried to cover the most rewarding ways to find, attract, and, finally, to hire suitable tech talent.

Tech recruiters act as the catalyst for diversity in their organizations. Hiring qualified talent goes hand-in-hand with making sure that you build a diverse and inclusive workplace. Great ideas and great teams are built on diverse opinions and breaking out of the “boys club mentality” that’s dominated tech for AWS Cloud Engineer Job Description Template so long remains as a guiding light for the modern tech recruiter. Tech talent comes from all walks of life, every country around the globe, and every gender and ethnicity. Tech recruiters continue to make great progress, but still, 62% of tech jobs in the United States belong to people who identify as white.

What Is the Difference Between Technical Recruiting and General Recruiting?

Tech is a competitive market, which means there are a lot of high-quality applicants out there. Issues like the above can inadvertently filter out up to one-third of developer candidates. The impact is especially severe for non-male and underrepresented candidates.

Recruiters who genuinely aim to build a stable connection with tech candidates must learn how to speak their language. Recruiting tech talent successfully doesn’t imply recruiters’ obligation to write code. However, recruiters should possess some technical knowledge and ameliorate their skills continuously.

So what is a technical recruiter?

You might already use platforms like Hired or Stack Overflow to connect with candidates, and an ATS like Workable to organize your pool of candidates. You might also use social media to source people with the right skill sets. But you can get more strategic with how you leverage those tools.

It’s a diverse role, with different companies expecting different levels of complexity from your services. Below are some of the most common responsibilities you should expect to undertake as a technical recruiter. You can develop this skill via working in general recruitment, which will prepare you for a career in tech recruiting. While writing the description for the hackathon, the tech recruiter must understand the challenge and the skills that will make the candidate eligible for the challenge.

When a technical recruiter tells a candidate that they’ve been rejected, candidates often want to understand why. Yet, it is rare for developers to get feedback on their performance during the hiring process. Sourcing is the first opportunity your team will have to fill the talent pipeline with underrepresented and non-male software engineering candidates.

You might be wondering what happens if we don’t have the right specialist. If you need a specialist with rare skills, and we don’t have the expert at the moment, we will find one and hire him/her, especially for your project. Your task will be to determine who is the right fit and to arrange further procedures. Hence, it is crucial to select a sourcing channel that will make the potential candidate trust you from the very start.